Tomato Plants

Tomato plants for sale near Utica, NY

Come shop our wide variety of standard and heirloom tomato plants for sale at our garden center from late May to June. Our robust, healthy tomato plants will take off in the garden. Enjoy baskets of succulent, homegrown tomato goodness!

  • Proven tomato varieties that grow well in central NY
  • Disease-free plants grown on site from seed
  • Labelled clearly with variety name and price
  • Not root-bound: robust plants in spacious pots and packs
  • Hardened off and ready to plant in your garden

Tomato plants need plenty of space and full sun (6-8 hours/day). Amend soil with organic fertilizer and compost. Plant 2 feet apart and give each tomato plant a cage or stake for support. Mulch around plants with hay or straw to conserve moisture and smother weeds.

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We do not ship plants or products. All items must be picked up at the farm. (Hours)

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