Hatching Eggs

We have fertile chicken hatching eggs for sale year-round.

Visit our Fresh Eggs page if you want chicken eggs for eating.

Fertile Chicken Hatching Eggs:

Fertile eggs are collected and carefully packaged within a day or two of pickup. Please contact us a few days before hatching eggs are needed, so we can select the best quality eggs for hatching. You can store fertile eggs for up to one week at room temperature before placing in the incubator. Do not refrigerate! The eggs will hatch in about 21 days. Turn the eggs 3x/day during incubation.
We do not ship eggs. They must be picked up at our farm in central NY.

Choose from: Easter Egger (blue, green & olive tinted eggs) or Rainbow Assortment (brown, white, blue & green)

Easter Egger Eggs

Our Easter Egger eggs are naturally tinted in shades of blue, green, and olive. Many of the resulting chicks have stripes and fluffy cheeks resembling chipmunks.


Easter Egger Eggs
1/2 dozen – $10


Easter Egger Eggs
1 dozen – $15

Rainbow Assortment

Our Rainbow Assortment includes eggs from Ameraucana, Easter Egger, Olive Egger, Orpington, Andalusian, Plymouth Rock, Leghorn, Welsummer, and crosses.


Rainbow Assortment
1/2 dozen – $8


Rainbow Assortment
1 dozen – $12

Chicken hatching eggs for sale call or text (315) 737-5635 to order some fertile eggs today.

Day-old chicks
Nothing is cuter than baby chicks – Happy Hatching!
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