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Pick your own raspberries, U-pick raspberries, and raspberry picking near Utica, NY.

Our raspberry bushes are loaded with juicy red raspberries from mid to late July. Red raspberries are great for fresh eating, desserts, and jam. Organically grown and spray free!

U-Pick Raspberry Conversions
1 pint = 2 cups = 8oz. = 1/2 pound
1 quart = 4 cups = 16 oz. = 1 pound
A quart of raspberries weighs about a pound

Raspberry Picking Hours (Mid-late July)
Wednesday: 10am-12pm & 5pm-7pm
Friday: 5pm-7pm
Saturday: 10am-1pm

Click for directions to the farm.

Bring a hat and something to drink, as it can get hot out in the field. Children must be supervised while picking.

Fresh u-pick raspberries
Pick-your-own Raspberries
Raspberry-picking in field
Big jar of fresh-picked raspberries!

Raspberry Picking FAQs

When are you open for raspberry picking?

Our raspberries are in season from mid to late July. Sign up for our e-mail list to be notified when raspberry picking officially begins. Picking hours are posted above.

Do I need to bring my own containers?

You can bring your own containers or use our pint/quart containers. Bowls or buckets work best. If you bring containers, have them weighed before picking so we can deduct the container weight at checkout.

Are children allowed to pick raspberries?

Yes, we are a family-friendly farm and love to have children come pick. Children must be supervised while picking to maintain safety and protect the crop. Horseplay, running in the berry patch, and throwing berries is not allowed.

Are you open for raspberry picking if it’s wet or raining?

It is best to wait for a dry day to pick raspberries, since they get mushy when wet. The field is closed during heavy rain and thunderstorms. If it’s been a rainy week, we may post additional picking days/times on our Facebook page.

How can I pay for my berries?

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover).

Do I need to wash my raspberries?

Our raspberries are organically grown and spray-free. Washing berries is personal preference since there are no chemical residues. Personally, we usually don’t wash them since it crushes the berries. If you do wash them, wait until right before serving to keep them fresh.

How do I freeze raspberries?

Pick through berries to remove any leaves or stems. Pour into Ziploc freezer bags. Press out the air, seal, and freeze. We freeze our raspberries without washing. If you want to wash them, rinse the berries, then freeze in a single layer on cookie sheets. Transfer to freezer bags once frozen.

How long do raspberries keep?

For maximum freshness, cool raspberries in the fridge as soon as possible after picking. Unwashed raspberries keep in the fridge for a couple days. Freeze for longer storage. Frozen raspberries keep for up to 1 year.

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“Had an enjoyable time picking raspberries today. The gentlemen working the field went out of his way to provide a chair for this senior. Thank you for going above and beyond. I provided my niece with the location and she will be coming to pick some. You can bet I will be back.” -Sharon (New Hartford)

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