World's Hottest Pepper Plants

Super hot pepper plants for sale near Utica, NY

You asked for them, so we got ’em! We searched far and wide to find these and here they are – The world’s hottest pepper plants. Currently, the world’s hottest pepper is the Carolina Reaper, rated at over 2 million Scovilles. That’s 500x hotter than a Jalapeno – now that’s HOT!!! We also have ghost pepper plants and some other super hot pepper varieties. Don’t need the hottest peppers in the world? Then try our tasty Hot Pepper Sampler instead.

Warning: The superhot peppers from these plants must be handled with extreme caution. Gloves should be worn while picking and cutting. For all who love heat, ENJOY!

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We do not ship plants or products. All items must be picked up at the farm. (Hours)

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