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Squash ‘Vegetable Spaghetti’ 4pk


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Vegetable Spaghetti Squash plants for sale – Preorder or pick up at farm late May-June.

HEIRLOOM: 95 days. This amazing squash separates into long, spaghetti-like strands when cooked! Serve just like pasta. The vegetable spaghetti has a savory flavor and tender crunch; superb with just a bit of butter and salt. Each plant yields 5-7 squash. Harvest just before the first fall frost when the squash’s rind is hard enough that you can’t dent it with your fingernail. Cut from vines leaving 2″ of stem attached. Stores well. Squash plants are hurt by temps below 50F. Wait until night-time temperatures remain well above freezing to plant them outdoors. Plant vines 2-3’ apart. (Sun)

Heirloom vegetable plants for sale near Utica, NY – Non-GMO & spray free.

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