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Deluxe Garlic Kits for sale – Order online & pick up at our farm in fall (Sept-Oct)

Premium, fast-growing hardneck strain with plump heads. Enjoy a crop of delicious homegrown garlic next summer and every year thereafter. Garlic plants naturally deter pests like aphids, caterpillars, Japanese beetles, and rabbits. Plant cloves strategically in your garden, then watch them shield your plants from common invaders.

Our Deluxe Garlic Kit includes everything you need to fill a 2’x3’ raised bed and harvest 12 plump heads of garlic. Manure and bio-tone add nutrients, while potting mix provides the perfect well-drained growing medium. Great for beginners or those who want to put in a new raised bed. If you already have established beds, you may prefer our Basic Garlic Kit.

Deluxe Garlic Kit:
-12 cloves of premium seed garlic
-Rabbit manure (1 gallon bag)
-Bio-tone organic fertilizer
-2.8cf bag potting mix
-Growing Garlic info sheet

Order a Deluxe Garlic Kit and turn your garden into a thriving, pest-resistant oasis. Limited quantity, reserve yours today!

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