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Squash ‘Honeynut’ 4pk


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Honeynut Squash plants for sale – Preorder or pick up at farm late May-June.

110 days. These “personal sized” butternut squash are downright cute! Half the size and twice the beta carotene. Super-sweet orange flesh with mouthwatering flavor sweet enough for dessert. Cook whole in an Instantpot or cut in half, brush with olive oil, and bake to perfection. Space saving, powdery mildew-resistant vines are great for container gardens and easily climb a trellis. Squash plants are hurt by temps below 50F. Wait until night-time temperatures remain well above freezing to plant them outdoors. Baby squashes start out green, then turn tan when ripe. Store well for months. Bred by Cornell University. Height: 12″ Spread: 3-4′ (Sun)

Live vegetable plants for sale near Utica, NY – Non-GMO & spray free.

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