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Pepper Hot ‘Portugal Long Hot’


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Portugal Long Hot Pepper plants for sale – Preorder or pick up at farm late May-June.

HEIRLOOM: 65 days. One of the tastiest hot peppers around! Sweet and spicy peppers start out green, then quickly ripen to glossy red. Plants produce lots of of 6-7″ tapered peppers. Early and highly productive. Great fresh, sautéed in soups, and added to stir fries. When dried and crushed, Long Hots make some of the best red chile flakes around. BEST SELLER! Height: 24″ (1,500 – 4,000 Scovilles) Sun.

Heirloom pepper plants for sale near Utica, NY – Non-GMO & spray free.

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3" Pot, 6-pack

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