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Bean Pole ‘Purple Peacock’ 6pk


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Purple Peacock Pole Bean plants for sale – Preorder or pick up at farm late May-June.

HEIRLOOM: 68 days. One of our favorites! Pretty fuchsia flowers produce an abundance of striking purple beans all summer long. Harvest young pods 5-7″ for best flavor. The purple color makes them easy to spot. Give Purple Peacock a trellis or fence to climb and pick regularly. Eat young pods raw or prepare as you would any green bean. Delicious stir fried with sesame oil, garlic, ginger, and soy sauce. Or try them the traditional way, steamed with butter. Stringless pods turn green when cooked. Also called purple podded pole bean. Easy seed saving plant. Height: 6′ (Sun)

Vegetable plants for sale near Utica, NY – Non-GMO & spray free.


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