Black Gold Organic Seedling Mix – 8 qt


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Black Gold Seedling Mix 8 quart – Pick up at our farm

Premium organic seedling mix for excellent germination & root growth! Seedlings thrive in this mix. It’s light, fluffy, holds moisture, and drains well. No clumps, chunks or sticks. Black Gold contains an organic wetting agent to ensure uniform water penetration. If mix is dry, moisten and let sit for 10 minutes before using. We do not recommend mixing fertilizer or compost into seed starting mix before planting. This lowers germination and may burn seedlings or introduce disease. Follow the planting directions on the bag. Once seedlings develop their first set of true leaves, water with Espoma Grow liquid fertilizer at 1/2 rate to feed (1 tsp/quart). OMRI organic. Sold in 8 quart bags.

We do not ship plants or products. All items must be picked up at our farm in central NY.

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