Espoma Plant-tone Organic Fertilizer – 4 lb


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Espoma Plant-tone Organic Fertilizer for sale – Pick up at our farm

One of the best organic fertilizers on the market! 100% natural slow-release fertilizer. We use Plant-tone in our flower gardens and perennial beds. Perfect for feeding flowers, planters, and shrubs. Beneficial microbes create a living ecosystem in the root zone for true regenerative agriculture. Free of sludge and sewage commonly found in other “organic” amendments. Won’t burn your hands or plants.

Mix Plant-tone into the soil at planting and again mid-summer for healthy, robust plants (or use a liquid feed). Complete, balanced 5-3-3 formula contains trace nutrients for maximum flavor and nutrition. Plant-tone is sold in 4 lb. bags which feed a 10’x10′ garden or 100 square feet. Click for Fact Sheet. (We also carry Espoma Garden-tone)

We do not ship plants or products. All items must be picked up at our farm in central NY.

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